Milano / January 2021

Tags: Art Direction, Set Design

Credits: foto, video and audio by Akra studios

The German-Italian designer Ava Wolff commissioned FORO Studio to manage a creative plan of her brand identity to promote her products. The project started with the definition of the storytelling, created by identifying the elements that most distinguish the brand: handmade, luxury, sophistication, style, provocation and irony.


Considering the peculiarity of Ava Wolff's creations, the nipple pasties, FORO Studio has inspired by the etymology of the word "pasties". The creative plan plays on assonances with pastry miniatures. The images designed for Ava Wolff fully describe the creativity of the designer. Compared to a skilled pastry chef, the communication project takes the viewer on a delicious dreamlike journey where nipple-pasties resembles real sweets belonging to micro-worlds full of taste, fine details and grace.


In this sense, FORO Studio's goal is to interpret Ava Wolff as a maker. A creator who blends the flair of a designer with the manual skills of the craftsman. A contemporary figure who is also able to create tailor-made objects that satisfy different tastes and requests.


Bice & Berta project stands out among the other projects in which FORO Studio has worked on brand identity as art director.