Milano / October 2020

Tags: Art Direction, Interior, Product Design

The concept for the new BIS library, designed by FORO Studio, tells of a hybrid space in which to bring culture to life among digital archives, theatre performances, cinema screenings and conferences. A project that goes beyond the mere purpose of a library. 

BIS, Italian acronym for interactive school library, is in fact a modern digital library that focuses on reconfigurability in order to offer users a variety of cultural experiences. 

The space is composed of three fundamental parts:

- an archive for paper and digital preservation
- a permanent consultation space
- a laboratory area for study and research

To these cores are added other functions useful to sociality, both for school related activities and for the whole community.

The main goal of the project is in fact to create a space open to everyone and therefore easy to approach, conceiving the library as a place that must live not only of the fundamental presence of the collection of documents and texts, but above all to blend its themes with the many activities, arts and techniques, with which the school periodically confronts itself.

BIS is the project of a flexible space, which also proposes itself as a catalyst of the city plurality that has the will to act as a bridge between generations and cultures. 



Comune di Parabiago

I.C. Via "IV Novembre" Parabiago



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