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Among the services offered by FORO Studio stands out for its importance the CMF service, a strategic tool for design and construction.


Interpretiamo i linguaggi formali emergenti e le tendenze in corso e li traduciamo in strumenti strategici: moodboard materici, palette colori e targetizzazioni del pubblico.   

Among the services offered by FORO Studio stands out for its importance the CMF service, a strategic tool for the executive stages of design projects.

Particularly useful for companies, with the CMF we can provide practical information and suggestions perceivable through the senses.

CMF projects are developed by accurate trend analysis, from which we obtain an overview on latest styles – aiming to strategically consolidate the relationship between company/product and user.

The sensory perceptions which can be experienced through the CMF lay the foundations for future projects, allowing the actualization of concept ideas.


Communicating and predicting trends through tangible sensory outputs is one of the strengths of FORO Studio's strategic approach. Through a consolidated expertise, FORO Studio provides its clients with the right answers in terms of CMF and trends in several areas.


But what truly makes us different?


As well as communicating through digital visuals, FORO Studio focuses on a sensorial, tangible and multidimensional approach through bespoke material moodboards.

The concepts developed by FORO Studio are always supported by physical materials,  forming a wide and diversified material bank. 



FORO Studio pursues an on-going and comprehensive research for its clients inspiring them to create new concepts.

Through field research, FORO STUDIO identifies new trends and formal languages, translating them into specific interpretations: material boards, mood boards, colour palettes, personas profiling.

Spread Moda


FORO Studio works on colours, materials and finishes creating specific material boards and material boxes tailored to the strategic and production needs of its customers. These physical tools thus become the means by which companies and brands can conceive and design products that are both functional and rich in emotional and sensorial value to be offered to final consumers. 


FORO Studio relies on a network of industries, designers and craftsmen, for the physical realization of its concepts. In this synergetic dimension we create winning interactions and develop unique and innovative projects.

Carpentiere sul lavoro
Image by Nirmal Rajendharkumar


FORO Studio is also active in the academic field of research and study of materials, leading the "Materials and Technologies" course for the master's degree in interior design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.

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