Dubai / UAE / September 2019

Tags: Product

JJ Prestige Unit is a cigar humidor and a Chivas' whiskey bottles displayer designed by FORO Studio as a piece of furniture for the highest restaurant in the world, the exclusive Atmosphere in Dubai, located on the 122nd floor of the iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper.


The cabinet mood wants to evoke the taste of a sophisticated lifestyle in the choice of materials, thanks to the classic counterpoint between the chromatic density of mahogany red and gold reflections. More in detail, materials such as Canaletto walnut, brass, Portoro marble and full-grain leather have been used.


JJ has simple shapes and clean lines, inspired by the windows of the historic British shops which are an iconic part of the Chivas style. It is a high-level design object with different functions: humidor with controlled air circulation, displayer of super-premium whiskey bottles and a showcase of lifestyle objects.


Another project in which FORO Studio dealt in the world of luxury is the branding project curated for the footwear brand César Augusto.