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a good moment

Giardino Aristide Calderini

Milano Design Week 2024

Dive into the experience that is about to take you in. Kairos is the proper moment, the perfect opportunity. It is the opposite of straight time, measured by chronos; it is rather a qualitative experience, emphasising sensitivity and intuition in grasping the present moment. Kairos emphasises the importance of understanding context and surrounding interactions, guiding our actions with mindful awareness.


Within Kairos, you will see your reflected image, alternated with a view of the sky above you.

It is a time for introspection, an opportunity to free your mind from daily distractions and think about your individual experience. Look inside yourself, recognising that you are the epicentre of your experience, surrounded by the history and beauty of the Calderini Garden.


Remember, the power to find answers and inner peace lies in the present moment and in yourself as you experience this installation. There is no rush, just take all the time you need to take in and reflect on your experience.


When it is time to leave Kairos, bring with you this awareness of the present moment and the inspiration you have found here. Use it to guide your actions and decisions, tuning into the inner quality of each moment in your daily life.


Now, sit back, breathe deeply and immerse yourself in Kairos. The experience is yours to live to the full.


Enjoy the journey within yourself.




Art direction and project: FORO Studio


Irene Lillocci

Erika Montanaro

Rebecca Pisapia

Giacomo Sartori


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