@5VIE / Milano / April 2018

@Bovisa District / Milano / April 2019

Tags: Exhibition, Art Direction, Product

photo credits:  Lorenzo Berni

For the 2018 Fuorisalone, FORO Studio presented Móster (in the Milanese dialect "Muster"), an alternative Jersey barrier exhibited into the spaces of the Garage Sanremo, at 5Vie district.


The goal of the project is to reinterpret an urban piece of furniture that has sadly become the representative of most of the world's metropolises: the Jersey barriers. When furnishing the streets of cities like Milan – which owe their fame precisely to beauty – the design intervention becomes crucial.


From the pen of the illustrator G.C. Cuevas and from an intuition of FORO Studio the idea raised to create good monsters that protect us and our cities from bad monsters.


Móster, in fact, is a barrier composed of movable modules, which retains its primary function without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. Who said that a safety device, as well as being useful, cannot also be beautiful and fun?


G. C. Cuevas has also collaborated with FORO Studio for the realization of the illustrations of issue 2 of FORO un'altro progetto NO BUDGET.


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