Milano / Dicember 2020

Tags: Art Direction, Competition

The concept arises from the idea to create a virtual landmark, drawing a circle around the Zavial Battery site, so that it is immediately visible on web maps, as the virtual approach to a place is usually from above.


The circle also contains a symbolic meaning on the protection and respect of heritage, enhancing it.


Approaching the site from afar, the visitor's attention is caught by a concrete monolith, square and black, 10 metres high. The monolith marks the entrance and provides information about the site through engravings on its surface. Once past the monolith, the visitor begins his "journey through time", following the circular path counterclockwise and having the feeling of being suspended above the ocean.


At the bottom of the path, the visitor finds himself in a point of suspension and total immersion in nature, with a point of view both towards the ocean and the reef of the Zavial Battery. At the end of the path, the visitor is pushed by the sloping floor and the monolith towards the ancient ruins, from which the view will be the same as today's because the ring-shaped path passes under the ground line.


The same immersive atmosphere returns for the project proposed by FORO Studio on the occasion of the competition for the intervention in the Salar de Uyuni.