@5VIE / Milano / aprile2018

@Bovisa District / Milano / aprile 2019

Tags: Exhibition, Art Direction, Product

photo credits:  Lorenzo Berni


video credits: Manuel Oldani

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2018, FORO Studio presented the OM project in the 5vie district. OM is a muffled space in which to find oneself by taking a break from the frenzy of everyday life.


We spend our days in open space environments where we are connected and available at any time. In these contexts, it is increasingly difficult to find places and objects with strong emotional content.


OM proposes a momentary escape from the strongly anthropized urban context, a sensory refuge that brings back to the physical dimension of the individual through touch. OM is an installation that provides physical comfort and a sense of well-being.


It is a muffled, wrapped space in industrial felt. The path leads visitors to a focal point, a sort of "sacred" place. Here there is a totem element – characterized by the yellow colour – with which everyone is invited to establish a personal interaction.


A path that introduces a transitional space halfway between the social and private dimensions.


An ego-cathedral in which to regain the intimacy of one's condition. At 5Vie district, FORO Studio also presented Mòster.



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