Brescia/ May 2017

Tags: Art Direction, Interior

photo credits: Francesca Iovene

FORO Studio participated in the Brescia Design Festival 2017 presenting the installation Per grazia ricevuta. The exhibition shows the Olamps that, hanging on a light frame, are transformed into a fictitious wall, which divides the external environment from its interior space. There, almost hidden, a kneeler becomes a small home-made hermitage, where one can respond to the call of creativity. An interior in the interior where you can gather to meditate, observed only by a contemplative OLamp. The row of lamps acts as a filter for a sterile, neutral space, where the experience of silence turns into a moment of reflection.


Handcrafted using recycled paper, OLamp lamps were presented for the first time at Milan Design Week 2017 together with the works of other designers at Casina Nascosta at the Sempione Park.