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BALLARD & FANT - a thing of beauty

Ballard & Fant | Milan | Octorber 2022

An unusual venue focusing on beauty and hedonism. Ballard & Fant, the new reality driven by the creative flair of FORO Studio that took care of the branding and architecture, rises at Viale Piave 6.

Ballard & Fant is a beauty centre that, besides exclusive professional beauty services focused on face, hands and feet care, offers a cocktail bar and cafeteria service through an integrated area.

Both brand and space target the agender lifestyle, addressing those who wish to invest time in their well-being in a 'slow' dimension that escapes the chaotic metropolitan context.

The 120 m² space provides different welcoming and living areas, such as a bar, lounge, parlours and technical stations, to merge various experiences and interactions in a single context. FORO Studio intended to resemble the space as an urban retreat, where one to take care of oneself and feel comfortable with others.


Art direction e project: FORO Studio

FORO Studio co-workers: Beatrice Bottini

Photo: Francesco Romeo


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