Milan / September 2019

FORO Studio took care of the art direction, the layout and the brand image of the food truck Flamingo Cafè and set up an Ape Car to host a real travelling bar. In the vehicle a cabinet separates the service area from the bar area, with a pull-out counter that expands the surface.

The choice fell on pink, in line with the trend of millennial pink, with the aim of bringing a shade not often seen in the urban landscape, pleasing to the eye and easy to notice. The logo, on the other hand, was inspired by the tropical style, taking up the profile of a flamingo, an iconic animal also chosen for the name of the service.

The logo drew inspiration from the tropical style: the profile of a flamingo transforms as the sinuous shape of the "G". In the restaurant field, FORO Studio has also designed the interiors of the Oke oriental restaurant.