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#foroNOBUDGET 1 / free press / April 2017

#foroNOBUDGET 2 / free press / July 2017

#foroNOBUDGET 3 / free press / October 2017

#foroNOBUDGET 4 / free press / April 2018

editorial coordination: Claudia Oldani

editing: Federica Riccardi

FORO NO BUDGET is a varied and complex initiative that has a staple: zero cost. A critical reflection on the demand for services at ridiculous costs or practically zero costs.

In the creative field, it is now common to come across the formula: minimum expense, maximum yield. So it happens that the initial small consultancy becomes 24-hour assistance.

The project describes today's creative work and tells it through a magazine – a flyer – which collects five illustrations and an unpublished story. A free press consisting of four issues across 12 months, within a circuit of bookstores and cultural centres in Milan.

FORO Studio has also used unpublished illutrations in the brand identity created for San Maurì.


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