Dubai / UAE / September 2019

concept: Julian Bedel

progetto esecutivo: Foro Studio srl​

photo credits: Fueguia 1833

Exclusively designed for the London outpost of Fueguia 1833, the display units for which FORO Studio was responsible for the executive design, distinguish the brand's corner inside the Salon de Parfums, on the sixth floor of the famous Harrods department store.

The absolute leading element of the furnishings and space is American walnut, an essence that contributes to creating a sophisticatedly welcoming mood. The furnishings are dominated by clean shapes and clean lines and highlight the fragrances through careful design of the integrated light sources which - thanks to the mirrored backdrop - create a virtuous play of chiaroscuro.

Another project in which FORO Studio has worked in the world of luxury is the JJ unit project curated for Chivas.