Milan | July 2022

FORO Studio created for Atkinsons an impressive display at Mazzolari's: the temple of Milanese perfume lovers. Along the seven shop windows, which embrace the corner between Corso Monforte and Piazzetta Umberto Giordano, there lie scenarios that play with the symbolic elements of the streets of London. Atkinsons is thus recounted by FORO Studio through a sequence of elegant black and gold silhouettes to give the observer a feel of the refined atmosphere of Soho and Mayfair: the neighbourhoods where the history of the brand has unfolded over the centuries.

A theatrical set, in which each display case features perspective planes and showcase elements giving the right touch to the brand's glorious and fragrant history.

The one in Milan is one of the largest touch points created by FORO Studio in addition to those that have already been successfully set up in Italy and around the world such as:

Harrods - London;

Fenwick Brent Cross - London;

Sinatra galerie de beauté - Turin;

Profumeria Bertozzini - Rome;

Profumerie Erika - Livigno;

Modus Profumerie - Alba;

Mabù Profumerie - Palermo;

Profumeria Pepe - Lecce;

Parfumerie Oswald -Zug;

For Atkinsons 1799 FORO Studio also designed the project Atkinsons Legacy Archive.


Art direction and set design: FORO Studio

FORO Studio co-worker: Beatrice Bottini