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PARAH BOUTIQUE - Forte dei Marmi

Boutique Forte dei Marmi / Piazzetta Tonini/ May 2018

photo: Francesco Romeo

The concept for the Parah boutiques designed by FORO Studio - art director of the brand – is related to the international fashion allure. The project focuses on the exclusivity, luxury, femininity and glamour of the client.

The main theme is contemporary; protagonists are the furniture and accessories that underline the up to date being of the brand. For this reason, contrast is privileged: each hot material counterposes with a cold one.

The colour palette, materials and custom furniture system, distinguish the brand and give the srtore a sophisticated and welcoming allure.

The structural and decorative elements interact with each other and adapt to promotion and sale.

FORO Studio boasts numerous other projects commissioned by companies of fashion, such as the Drexcode online boutique.


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