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@LAKE COMO DESGIN FESTIVAL | Como | September 2022

P I S C U N I at LAKE COMO DESIGN FESTIVAL from 17 to 25 September 2022

Assunta Balbi is an institution in the village; she is everyone's point of reference and the keeper of ancient traditions: those when the roads were of beaten earth, and people used to move around on mules.

Don't dare to disagree with her since she is the only one knowing what is good and correct; especially in the kitchen.

It is from Assunta's stories that PISCUNI takes its shape. Made entirely of grey Cilento stone, it is an object narrating the ever-changing times and the remaining archetypes. Its identity as a universal kitchen utensil, simple and durable, was suggested to us by Assunta in an uncompromising tone that reconnects us to the essence of good living in the kitchen.


art direction e project: FORO Studio

collaborators: Francesca Lipari e Beatrice Bottini

artisan: Stoneart by Cataldo Marotta

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