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@TOMBOLINI | Milano | April 2023

P I S C U N I at TOMBOLINI from 17 to 21 April 2023

Piazza Enrico Berlinguer 5 ang, Via Savona, 99, 20144 Milano MI

Just as in the myth, where Sisyphus rolls the stone in an eternal cycle, the installation also seeks to poetically and metaphorically highlight the concept of the eternal return(a vision according to which the course of events in the world, having completed its cycle, returns upon itself, in a series of same repetitions). So this is in contrast with the immobility of the stone.

PISCUNI is placed on a carpet of rock fragments raked according to concentric and curved geometries. The peculiarity of these delicate marks drawn on such a labile material lies in the fact that they are easy to erase, to be recreated and erased again. In this way, the mutability and repetition of life's cycles remind us that the real goal is not the result but the path leading to it.


Art direction e project: FORO Studio

FORO Studio co-workers: Beatrice Bottini, Francesca Rota, Sveva Preziosi


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