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The services offered by FORO Studio operate to obtain consents from your audience and to consolidate the relationship between the consumer and the company. Our strategy helps companies to:

Send a clear message

Confirm the prestige of the brand on the market

Emotionally connect consumers to a product or a service

Motivate the consumer to make a purchase

Increase customer loyalty

In detail, FORO Studio operates in four main fields of application:


The image has a fundamental role in defining a clear identity and coherent communication. FORO Studio manages the art direction, both in terms of image and product, focusing on the needs of its customers as well as the final audience.


Design is the keyword in FORO’s strategy, a team able to carry out projects of interior, exhibition, product and much more. FORO develops bespoke projects, from art direction to production, always with innovative solutions.


Trend research and strategy

Target and competitor analysis

Concept development

Communication strategy

Communication planning

Development and production

Selected Project: AVA WolffNeboloni E., Rug-o-rama


Location inspection

Concept development

CMF Design

Executive project

Exhibition design

Research and work direction

Selected Project: Parah Boutique, Bis, Fueguia, Magistretti


Through the analysis of the brand identity, FORO creates a coordinated image that defines the guidelines for the design of the workspaces and the contract areas.


Brand naming

Logo design

Coordinated image

Company profile and catalogue

Communication guidelines

Packaging & merchandise

Selected Project: Flamingo, Keller, Marzia Moretti


The planning of events and the spaces dedicated to them is one of the strengths of FORO Studio. Events are one of the most important communication tools because they establish an emotional connection between the brand and its audience.


Scouting location

Concept design and development

Exhibition design

Model recruitment

Set up location

Photo and video

Selected Project: Bice&berta, Drexcode, Westwing

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