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Deposito Mele | Milano | giugno 2023

The exhibition, curated by FORO Studio, offers an opportunity for the visitors to customize their visit. The design details emphasize Larmandino's flexible approach.

The guests can explore the space in semi-darkness, guided by flashes of light of varying intensity and color. Larmandino reveals itself through different thematic areas:

- Heat and Cold Generation, which focuses on techniques and ways to create and preserve thermal comfort.

- Aesthetic/Functional Development provides technical boards, sketches, material samples, and CMF boards to understand the aesthetics and functionality of Larmandino.

- The Target Audience section covers the personality, behavior, and socio-demographic characteristics of the Larmandino audience.

The exhibition aims to provide the public with all the necessary elements to fully understand Larmandino's features and functionality. This understanding is essential to view its third and final phase of development, which will culminate in production and commercialization.


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