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DGA | Corso Monforte, 23 Milano c/o Fondazione Lucio Fontana | dicembre 2023


This artwork is not a creation imposed by the designers. It is a revelation, a natural relic narrating a story of vulnerability and rebirth.

Its title recalls the decline of a White Christmas due to climate change, and the loss of connection to the significance of the celebration today, being reduced to sheer consumerism.

The conscious decision to use upcycling materials gives the composition an honesty echoing the ready-made, as the root comes from a Milanese park destroyed by extreme weather, and the metal parts are scraps from the DGA production line.

In this context, the opera becomes a concrete message of hope and awareness. It expresses the sculpted beauty of wounded nature and the chance to reduce environmental impact through responsible choices. It invites the audience to consider the opportunity for a more sustainable Christmas while suggesting that beauty can also arise from the conversion of damaged things.


Art direction e project: FORO Studio

Agenzia: TOWANT srl

Location: DGA

Partner ufficiale: Camparisoda

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